What’s new with the Guests

Not much!

Well we got a kitten & a puppy – they’re best friends. I went back to work just after Christmas.

Paul has a few projects on at the minute & is working hard but also helping out with the childcare.  Emma’s enjoying school, Holly loves pre-school. They’ve started gymnastics, Emma is now a Brownie – I think this was one of the things they missed when we were away - regular structured activities. They both love gymnastics. Holly does ballet one morning a week and loves that – I’m encouraging her to enjoy things she’s not good at as I think it’s an important life-skill to not always win!  They also do their weekly swimming lesson.

Paul plays 5 a-side football, I go to the gym when I can and have shifted a stone since we got back.

We’ve booked a holiday – a week camping in a ready-tent in Cornwall; back in Crantock. The girls are really excited about that. I’m also looking at a sneaky trip to Catalonia in April but I think it might be a bit too cold. We’ll have to decide soon.

Yeah and that’s about it – enjoying the domestic life – miss the warm weather a lot. We talk about our memories a lot between; Holly remembers in quite a lot of detail obscure parts of our trip an Emma remembers more than me! The blogs been useful to remind us of what we were doing.

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