We’ve arrived

Finally! We had a bit of a hectic week, moving out, saying goodbye to everyone, birthday parties & getting from Manchester down to Heathrow for the flight.

We checked in and then checked out the Virgin Clubhouse – Paul & I had been there before, I was a bit apprehensive about taking the children in & inwardly praying they’d be quiet and not run around like idiots (as they do)! But I didn’t need to worry, the childrens room in the corner was perfect with sliding glass doors, allowing them to relax and play while we did. Paul watched the Villa game, I went for a nice shoulder massage. We all had a bite to eat and the obligatory 25 trips to the toilet that go with travelling with a 5 & 3yr old.

We boarded the plane and felt very welcomed, our seats were together but seperated by a partition, so the air steward guy fixed it so we were close by & reachable. Holly fell asleep while we were taxi-ing. Emma explored her backpack of goodies from Virgin. After we took off, we transferred Holly to my seat which the guy made to lie flat. I settled down to a  movie before sleeping.  Emma & Paul both had good sleeps too. We woke up and had a nice breakfast.

Landed in Hong Kong, and off we went, getting a taxi to the Hotel. The girls were amazed by all the lights & pristine gardens.

So we’ve been for dinner, and we’re just trying to settle the girls to bed. But unfortunately they haven’t worked out it’s 10.20 at night, so we’re trying to ignore them in the hope they’ll nod off soon.  Paul and I are having a couple of cans of beer to try and aid sleep. We’ll see how that works out!

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Glad to hear you all arrived safely. Tell Emma to give Mickey Mouse a big hug from me!

looks like you all having fantastic time so far,missing you all already, xxx

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