Tuesday 4th October – No place like home

We landed ahead of schedule, got our bags and checked into our next flight – BA Heathrow to Manchester. Their luggage allowance was 23kg each (we had 4 cases, 2 weighed 27kg and two were much lighter); we were very surprised to find on check in that they charged us £40 for EACH case over 25kg, we had the option to try to rearrange stuff but the lighter bags were at capacity & it wasn’t happening at 6am on a cold airport floor.  So we’ve flown tonnes of really basic airlines in Asia and never been robbed before, but BA fleeced us for £80!

We seemed to be at Heathrow for a long time – the 3 hours passed slowly.  We were all tired and missing Asia already.  Our wonderful non-budget BA flight was delayed for 40 minutes.

Eventually we boarded and flew to Manchester. Flying over England it all looked very English with the patchwork of fields; greens & browns.

We landed at Manchester and met our parents –it was all very exciting and it soon felt like we’d only seen them yesterday.

Back at the house we were pleased to find the tenants had left it all spotlessly clean however there’s a nasty stain on the stair carpet that the letting agent is claiming no responsibility for.

Unpacking was initially very exciting and we got a lot done in the first few hours. For the girls it was like Christmas getting a much wider range of toys, but we were pleased to see we hadn’t kept as much crap as we thought we have – so they have a modest amount but are happy with it.

The to do list is gradually being ticked off.

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