Thursday 7th – Ziptrek Queenstown

We spent a lot of the morning organising a babysitter for the afternoon, in the end the campsite came good and one of the girls who works here had the kids.

Paul and I went “Ziptrekking” – in the hill over Queenstown, between the Douglas Fir you can travel between the trees on zip-wires.  There were four on our course (we didn’t have time for the 6-line course).  We met people from Phoenix, Toronto, Sweden, Oxford and New York.  The sky was blue but the Southerly wind was freezing! As we waited between wires we were getting pretty chilly.   I was a bit nervous on the first one, but determined not to let it show.  The final wire was the length of two rugby pitches and gave a brilliant view of the lake as you zipped by.  We both enjoyed our afternoon off! I think the kids did too as they decided they didn’t want to leave the babysitter!

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