Thursday 6th October – Settling back into life

I think this might be the natural end point of the blog.

We all woke up in the 5s. I made soup before we took Emma to school. She met her new teacher, then we waited in the playground for the bell.  The other kids were asking her things and when she said she’d been to Disney this was big news “She’s been to Disney!!!”  We were all freezing though and not prepared for how cold it is.

I’d forgotten how cold your feet can get here (I am cursing Paul for refusing to buy me Uggs).  We’d forgotten how when you breath in your lungs get cold and your nose hurts when you breath in through your nose! Even my eyes were watering.

Emma had a bit of a wobble before she went into school but one of the girls in the class took her hand and said “I’ll look after you” and led her in. We got a little wave and she was gone.

Holly had a look around the nursery, she thinks she’ll be the only child there.  She starts in 30 minutes.

The blog – I’m not sure who reads this regularly.  I’m not going to keep it regularly updated now as “Guest Family in Normal Life” will get very boring very quickly.  I have been starting to write a post on the “Guest Family Awards” – so that’ll be a summary of the best & worse.  Hopefully I will get that on here soon.

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Well I certainly think your blog is inspirational to say the least! I still haven’t launched any campaigns with AMS, just settled into Uni, but it’s great to hear about what it’s possible to achieve. All the best!

Hi James, good to hear the blog has inspired you. Good luck with uni/AM and everything else.

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