Sunday 2nd October – Hong Kong Crazy

We decided to head over to Hong Kong Island to check out the attractions there. Our plan was to get the ferry across, then the tram to the park and head up the hill on the funicular tram.

We walked to the ferry terminal, checking out the Avenue of the Stars on the way. It was crazy busy, just totally packed with a million people (Paul found out later it was a Chinese holiday).  We didn’t see any names we recognised but we didn’t try and get that far; I believe Jackie Chan has a statue here.

At the ferry terminal, the first ticket office we came to was one offering harbour tours for $60. We thought about getting on one of those, but I was sure there was a cheaper commuter ferry.  We walked through the busy terminal and found the right ferry – it was less than $10 for adults (£1). We got straight on the ferry and headed across the harbour. It was quite choppy, so I was glad the journey was short.

We then tried to get the tram, we bustled through 20million people on the all weather walkways and realised we had no change for the tram. There was nowhere nearby we could find to get change from and the nearest malls were full of fancy Armani stuff –no 7/11 in sight!

We decided to walk. This part of Hong Kong was a bit hillier, we walked around the cathedral (it was packed out with people attending the Sunday morning service) and then saw the funicular station – the queue was too big for us even to consider getting in it. Holly was complaining she felt unwell & tired.  We’d all had enough.  Emma was starving (as usual). Trying to find somewhere to eat in a busy city was much more difficult than we thought it would be.  We couldn’t find anywhere!

There was a fast food chicken and rice place, but like everywhere else – tonnes of people, they were sitting on the floor outside.  So we ended up in MacDonalds again. I didn’t mind joining the big queue as Macca’s is a well oiled machine and we got our food quickly.  Downstairs we managed to find a seat straight away (as some people left as we walked up).  Holly had 2 bites of her nugget and sad she felt sick.  Emma scoffed her nuggets, corn and the most exciting bit for her was milk! Holly was too tired to walk and wasn’t feeling her best.

We decided to head back to the shoe box.  We were right near the MRT station, so hopped on a train and arrived right outside our hotel in about 3 minutes. 

Back in the room, the girls watched a DVD.  I went out to buy a new book. It was raining, so for the whole 45 minutes I was out I was constantly getting hit in the head with umbrellas’ (people just stop, turn around etc right in front of you).  When I got back Paul went out, it had stopped raining & he came back with a crocodile rug for Holly’s room (sensible!?)

Holly was complaining of a headache and was being very unreasonable & whingey.  I gave her a cuddle and some Panadol. 

We went to a German restaurant for dinner and had tasty sausage & tasty beer.  Holly wasn’t the best, she was grumpy.  We bought the girls back and Paul decided to go out for a beer. I asked him to bring me one back, thinking he’d be gone for an hour or 2. I was getting worried when he didn’t get back until Midnight with no beer.  He has got a terrible sense of direction so I thought he might be lost in Hong Kong. I was also upset about not getting a beer.

The typhoon warning is at level 1, the observatory say they may raise it to 3 before dawn.

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