Saturday 27th August – More diving. Gili Air

The girls were eager to get to the babysitters again, we had to drag them to breakfast first.

I went diving in the morning for a sea dive; I was very nervous but it was fine. Although the current was strong in places.  Seeing the Hawksbill Turtles munching away at the bottom of the ocean was cool. We also saw a sea snake.  My dive instructor was pointing out a travelly while I was pointing out a turtle. They were laughing later saying the Travelly which was huge had been swimming right next to me for ages before swimming off – she didn’t point him out until he was on his way as I would have looked to my left to be centimetres away from a travelly.

Paul did a dive in the morning but only saw one shark at shark point.

We all met up for lunch, and then the afternoon was more of the same; I went for a dive with the beginners group – I saw some lionfish who were very cool. Paul went for a dive somewhere else and the girls stayed with the babysitters.

When we picked the kids up Emma announced she was starving as she had been “fasting for three whole hours”.

We had an early night; diving makes you incredibly tired – something to do with the nitrogen.

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