Saturday 1st October – A day in Kowloon

Now everything is open in Kowloon we decided to stay close to the hotel and explore Kowloon.  This of course included a spot of shopping – I am very worried about the cold back home, I looked at a forecast and it’s going to be 0’C next weekend, dipping to -5’C at night! I am also very sick of my travelling clothes and in my head I chucked away most of my old stuff but I know when we unpack the stuff from the storage unit on Tuesday I will be surprised by how much I kept!

For lunch we got a few provisions from the supermarket and went to Kowloon Park for a picnic.  There were a lot of Muslim women there in groups, the mosque is next door so I guess the men must have been in the mosque perhaps?

We walked around the harbour and watched the boats from Starbucks and then went to the Space Museum. The theatre shows were all fully booked up so we just had a look around.  Holly started off surprisingly interested in Space and asking lots of questions, Emma found it quite boring (like Paul & I did!). 

When you’re walking around many people offer you “copy watch, copy handbag” or “suit”; it gets very annoying – I don’t see what is wrong with my little owl pouch that I use as a handbag (no-one is going to snatch it!)

We had dinner in an Irish bar before coming back to the hotel for the night.

I had a look at the typhoon warnings; I’m a bit worried a second typhoon has hit the Philippines, this time Typhoon Nalgae. Its due to pass by Hong Kong on Monday – we are due to fly out of Hong Kong on Monday night.  The forecast suggests it won’t be an 8 signal this time so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I believe the flights still take off when it’s a warning at 3, but not 8.

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