On the road again…. Whitby Nov 2011

It’s that time of quinnquennial again when a certain Auntie hits a milestone birthday and the extended family head off to Whitby to celebrate together.

Emma’s school has incredibly strict attendance rules so leaving school early was out of the question; also lying about a dental appointment and leaving early was out of the question as the secretary is a neighbour. So, tied to the laws of the educaiton authority we were to leave Hazel Grove at 3:20pm once we had collected the beautiful Emma and Holly from school.

The 125mile journey should only take 2.5hours – we arrived in Whitby at 8pm! Fortunately I had been organised & packed a wide selection of healthy snacks for us all. We got stuck on the M1 for a very long time, 40minutes of which was at a complete standstill with me desperate for the toilet with the service station only 400 yards away!  There’d been an accident which I believe they were clearing when we were stationary.

The drive across the North Yorkshire moors was incredibly spooky in the dense fog, which also made the journey slow going.

Finally we arrived in Whitby, found our cottage and headed straight out to the pub to meet the family.  We ordered some very delicious scampi and chips – they don’t make it like that anywhere else – it is very, very nice! Holly & me had to fight over the last piece.  The kids had to be out of the pub by 9pm so Paul took them back to the cottage while I stayed for a few more shandies.

Whitby is a lovely harbour town, with cobbled streets and cottages lining alleyways.  Everything is pretty higgledy-piggledy – you don’t expect the corners to be a right angles.

Being away from the UK for a while has made us notice all the British things about it – everyone was wearing their poppy with pride.  The cobbles are actually quite uncomfortable to walk on.

After a good nights sleep, we went to the pub which owned the cottage for breakfast – The White Horse and Griffin.  Everyone was quite happy walking up the road and into the pub, up the stairs and into the breakfast hall – when Emma freaked out. She clung to Paul’s leg, crying and whimpering that we had to get out of there – couldn’t we smell that disgusting smell? (no) and it was too quiet and she didn’t like it, and basically we had to leave.  Paul’s Aunt had told us when we made our booking that the pub was haunted – I seem to have children who can sense these things! We found somewhere else to have breakfast.

There is a lot to like about Whitby, the kids loved the seagulls and figuring out which were the oldest & the youngest. We got to see the bridge in the River Esk being opened to allow a boat through at high tide and we had the tastiest fish & chips ever. 

We walked up the 99 steps to the Abbey and had a walk around, stopping at the YHA cafe for a cup of tea and to admire the views.  The Abbey is pretty spectacular I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

We went around to one of the other family members for the birthday party on Saturday night. The girls danced a lot, Paul drank a lot and I chatted a lot! It was a nice evening and then we walked back along the cobbles to our cottage.

We had to pack and leave for 11, so once we’d got the car loaded we called in on another relativess cottage for breakfast.  At around lunchtime we set off for a walk along the beach but couldn’t pass the chippy! Another portion of fish and chips (we shared) and then off to the beach.

The kids tried to find Whitby Jet and fossils; ran around and we all enjoyed the “fresh” air – there is something very fresh about the wind off the North Sea – it chills your bones.

The journey home took the alloted 2.5hours – the moors were foggy but then as we came past Castle Howard there was just a bit of mist hanging on the far away hills – the countryside was really, very lovely!

And now we’re home again.

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