Monday 3rd October – The Last Day!

I felt excited when we woke up with the prospect of going home and seeing the family & friends we’ve missed over the last 12 months.  Emma & Paul were joining in the excitement but Little Miss Contrary (Holly) decided she didn’t want to go home, she wanted to stay in Hong Kong “for 4 more days”.

The typhoon warning had risen to level 3, but the storm had weakened to a “Severe Tropical Storm” and it was about 500km from Hong Kong, so nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately we couldn’t book our room for another half day as they were fully booked up so we had to check out at midday.  We packed, unpacked, re-packed and eventually got the cases balanced out.

Then we stored the cases in the corridor of the hotel and set off for more time in Hong Kong.  We thought we’d go to the pictures but there was nothing on that we could take the kids to.

We spent a long time in Kowloon park which was brilliant – there’s an aviary, a bird lake, Chinese Garden, Sculpture garden, a maze, a “discovery playground”, a fitness trail, a running track, a huge childrens playground, swimming pools (indoor too I think) and loads of people practicing Tai Chi.  It was a good place to spend the afternoon.

Eventually 7pm arrived and we got a taxi to the airport (after a small altercation with a shouty woman who thought she had been waiting longer than us for a taxi, I let her have it & we soon got another cab).

At the airport the kids played; Holly tried to refuse to leave as we hadn’t met up with her Grandparents yet (I had to explain we weren’t meeting them until Manchester).

When we boarded Paul & Emma had been upgraded to Upper (1st); Holly & me had to slum it in Business. I was not impressed – I am much better at sleeping than Paul and would have made much better use of the full flat bed.  Business was rubbish in comparison. Holly slept for the whole flight though.  Paul had the nerve to complain to me that he hadn’t slept well as the bed was too short for him! 

When I got my breakfast it was the worse meal I’ve had on an aeroplane in the last 13months – the sausage was one of those horrible low meat % all filler spongy things, the potato wedges were soaked in oil and the scrambled egg was just plain weird.  When the man came to collect the plates I told him I thought it was disgusting – he simply apologised and offered no alternative.  I don’t want to be a diva & to go on too much but the whole Premium Economy experience was a disappointment.

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