It’s Life Paul, but not as we know it

We’ve now been back a month and it has been a very busy month!  We’ve been catching up with family & friends, Paul’s sister is over from the States with her two little ones so we’re enjoying spending time with them. But overall a very hectic time for us all. 

My asthma has been terrible since we’ve been back – for months in Asia I used no inhalers at all and now unfortunately I am having to use preventers. I think I need to go back and have another review this week.

We’ve all had colds except for Paul and I had a horrible bout of sickness & diarhea – after all the street food we ate, the ice in drinks and the salad I was totally fine, but give me a few weeks back in the UK and my guts object!

The first week we were back it rained every single day and all we heard about was “it was really hot last weekend”.  We shivered through, found our duvet coats and got the heating working. Then the weather went beautiful – big blue skies, a nice nip in the air – those beautiful autumn days. We’d go to the park, collect leaves, talk about winter.

I’m in full on house wife mode – without a job I’m managing to keep on top of the housework, I’m making home made cereal bars, soups and stews – all the good old British food we’ve missed.

Paul is on full on work mode – spending a lot of time in his office building websites.

Holly has adjusted to life at pre-school and loves it, although as the oldest in the class that has it’s own challenges.  She says the other children are not her real friends because they’re little ones and she’s a “big little one”. But overall she’s enjoying it.

The toughest transition has been for Emma and I really feel for her. She’s gone back to school full time and seemingly we’re all at home having fun – I would be crying in the car park if I had to go to work & leave the others at home. She’s doing great academically and doesn’t seem to have suffered in that respect while we’ve been away; her teacher said she had no gaps (phew!) But emotionally, it’s tough on her.  With her going back into her old class, she has fallen straight back in with her old friends which is nice - they’re a nice bunch.

I’ve broached the subject of holidays – Holly never wants to leave Engand – she loves it here, but she says she might want to go back to New Zealand one day.  Emma’s in no great rush to go anywhere either. I’d love to go ski-ing this winter but Paul isn’t keen either.

The price of things has been interesting – some things seem cheap, like books (is the UK the cheapest place in the world to buy books?2 of the current top 50 for £7). Petrol is scarily expensive. Eating out has gone up and obviously can’t compare to Asia prices, but is loads cheaper than Australia.

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