Hong Kong Disneyland

We’re at Hong Kong airport, not long now until we leave for Sydney.

We arrived in Hong Kong on Tuesday evening, Holly got zapped by a man with a thermometer and infection control labels – not sure what would have happened if she’d have failed the test, but thankfully nothing happened, well unless you count Holly looking a bit bemused for a while.

The first night at the hotel was interesting, we all woke around 3am, then stayed awake until 5am, finally getting some sleep. Paul announced it was gone 10am, so we all dragged ourselves out of bed for breakie at the hotel. Then the bus to the magically world of Disneyland Hong Kong – it was hot and humid (around 30′C). The girls had a ball, we started in Tomorrowland with a trip on the Buzz lightyear ride – there were hardly any people about and we skipped straight onto the ride with no queue (where were they all?) Lot’s of people were stunned by Holly, we expected Emma, with her red hair to get attention but people would stop and stare at Holly and take her photo. We came off the ride and met Buzz Lightyear, Emma got starstruck and wouldn’t come for the photo. The HK disney staff were great, very enthusiastic and willing to take photos with our camera, rather than just the Disney photographer.  They also gave the kids lots of stickers which they liked.  We went on the car driving ride, the orbitron, had a mango ice lolly and headed to Adventureland for the air-con and the wonders of the Lion King stage show. I will try to upload a video clip at some point. It was fab, the singers were brilliant & the dancers spot on! The girls were both a little afraid of Scar.

We then headed to Fantasyland, meeting Princesses, Belle, Sleeping Beauty & Snow White. We also got to meet Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, Mickey & Pooh bear in the garden meeting place. Emma & Holly loved it.  People continued to be amazed by the girls, taking our photos when we were posing for our own. There weren’t many Westerners there. We thought Emma might get attention with her auburn hair, but Holly seemed to dazzle everybody. It got a bit much at times and we had tears from both girls on occasion – Emma was furious when someone was blatently taking her photograph.  It was weird, people couldn’t take their eyes of them.

There we went on the Dumbo elephant ride, winnie the pooh ride, Small WOrld (Holly sang along, so very cute!) & the Carousel.

We caught the parade and went on some of the rides again, before heading back to the hotel for Holly’s birthday dinner.

The buffet was fab, every kind of food you could wish for and very tasty – Paul & I watched in amazement at the petite couple on the table next to us who ate the world!  Minnie Mouse bought Holly’s birthday cake over and we all sang happy birthday, before heading off to bed.

Another night and another 3am wake up, we were awake for about an hour then we slept & slept & slept. Next thing I knew Paul woke to tell me it was 12 noon! We were meant to check out an hour ago. A quick pack up, bags in the luggage store and a few hours at Disney before the airport. All the halloween celebrations had begun overnight. The characters had their halloween costumes on and there was to be a spectacular pyrotechnic display and spooky goings on! Unfortunately we had no choice but to leave at 3.30pm, the same time as the halloween parade started, but we couldn’t miss our flight.

Before we went we had read a few reviews about Disney HK. We were very fortunate it was so quiet, I can imagine in the heat & humidity on a busy day it would be hell on earth! We loved it though!

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