Friday 30th September – Disneyland Hong Kong

The girls were very excited when we woke up and found the typhoon warning had been lifted completely.  We were going to get the MTR but it would involve 3 different trains & paying for 4 tickets, so we decided to just get a cab there.  We arrived before it opened but after paying we could walk down Main Street – the rest was roped off.

There was a huge queue to meet Mickey in the main circle, but as we’ve already been to the place twice before we were happy to skip it.

We went on a few rides & saw the shows we’d missed last time; the Golden Mickey’s and the Philarmagic.  Both of them were good, especially the 3D Philarmagic. 

It rained on and off all day and the place was much busier than when we came last year.  The girls were excited when they met Snow White & Belle. Unfortunately we couldn’t find Rapunzel all day which is who they really wanted to see.

We were queuing for Autopia, the car driving ride when one of the attendants came over to us. He had the English translations of the “rules” and was pointing out “expectant mothers should not ride” to Paul and looking at me! I was not very happy. I stroppily said “I am not an expectant mother!”  – I had just had a dirty burger and was feeling a little bloated but seriously?! After Claire’s experience the other day too. I was not impressed and sulked for a while. Paul was his usual supportive self.

We watched the first parade which was great – lots of music, dancing, singing & happy smiling faces from the children.  Paul enjoyed seeing the Sexy Girl Space Rangers who were leading the Toy Story bit – when Disney does something they do it properly & had gone to town with these girls!

We went on a few more rides, ate more and eventually it got dark.  There was all the Halloween stuff on so lots of spooky displays – Adventure land had lots of spooky lighting and smoke.

We hired a stroller for Holly as she was getting tired after walking all day, Emma was disappointed she couldn’t have one (and so was I). 

We had promised the girls we would treat them at Disneyland to a few toys; Holly chose a Rapunzel dress (which she had to wear straight away) and a Tinkerbell doll. Emma picked a Rapunzel doll and a Jessie doll which she has wanted for years.  We also got a Lotso Hugging bear between them and Paul got a mug.  When we paid the woman said we had a free scratchcard – we won a free adult ticket to Disney; we weren’t that excited as it’s not going to be easy for us to use it.  They were really excited saying how everyone usually won stickers (I would have been happy with stickers!).  So we’re carrying the Disney ticket around and if we find someone who’s nice to us we will give it them – if not I don’t know what we’ll do with it.

We watched the Headless Horseman parade past with terrified Holly.  Then waited for the Glow in the Park Halloween parade.  It was again, really, really good. Not too scary for Holly but she was a bit unsure.  The zombie dancers were fab, the music was great – all really fun.  They turned out the lights so everything was lit up with blacklights & glowing.

After that we went on a few more rides before the fireworks. They’d lit up the castle and then did the fireworks – best fireworks I’ve ever seen, all pretty, sparkly and no loud bangs.

After the fireworks the park was open for another couple of hours but we’d had enough by then and ran to the taxi rank, hopping into a taxi and getting back to the hotel.

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