Crantock, Cornwall May/June 2010

We’ve just spent a fab week at the Great British seaside.  We stayed in a static caravan at a family owned site called Trevella, in Crantock which is just a mile or so outside of Newquay. Personally, I’m not a fan of caravan’s but this one was great, nice and light, airy, didn’t feel too much like a tin can and the seagulls on the roof weren’t too noisy.

On arrival we were given a map of the site, including directions for a walk down to the river, so off we went. We left the campsite and arrived in a field, there was lots of long ginger hairs mysteriously attached to the fence, then we realised the field was full of the biggest bulkiest cows ever and they had a friend, a male friend. The biggest ginger bull I had ever seen. Paul had Holly on his shoulders and I held onto Emma’s hand and was very reassuring (hiding my fear), we walked across the field, the cows & bull watched very carefully, one white one in particular not taking her eyes of us. We made it out of the field and headed down to the river, the tide was out, we walked back. And back to the cow field. The ominous white cow stared, we walked, the white cow stamped her feet a bit and started walking towards us, her moos suggested she was telling her friends to do the same, we walked a little quicker, a few more cows took a few more steps towards us, we walked a bit quicker and took a detour around a tree. Somehow we made it out of the field alive & intact, our hearts beating a little faster but we’re all in one piece.

On the first day we headed into Newquay, as usual stag groups were about, but to be fair they didn’t interupt our enjoyment, we visted the town beach and discovered some HUGE crab legs, which Holly did not like one bit. This beach became known as “crab leg beach” for the rest of the holiday and we didn’t return.

We spent a drizzly afternoon on Fistral beach, this is where the surfers go with the famous Headland Hotel overlooking (you know, where Witches go on holiday). The girls had fun digging holes while I sought shelter in my beach tent (a must for a uk beach holiday, shelters you from wind, rain & sun, not sure if it’d work for snow).

We spent some time in St Ives, that day we thought it would be a good idea to buy Emma a disposable camera as a treat, within 30minutes she’d taken 20 photos, I haven’t had them developed yet but I’m looking forward to her “group photo of old people at the bus stop” and “the back of the bus”.

We also visted St Michaels mount a place of myths and giants and a hard on the legs hill walk. We arrived at high tide so had to get a boat out but returned by walking across the causeway. Emma was very interested in the boulder ont he beach, said t0 be thrown on top of the giants wife by the giant when the nagging all got too much.  We looked out but were disappointed not to see a basking shark.

We had an afternoon at Perrenporth, which was one of my childhood memories beach, it was huge in my childhood and it didn’t disappoint, it was still huge. The swimming pool built into the rock had shrunk somewhat but remained dirty looking and I didn’t venture in. There was a very good cover band playing at the beach bar, so we pitched our tent nearby and I had a sneaky beer. While the kids dug holes and played in the sand some more.

We headed back to Fistral for a couple of days. Our friends watched the girls for us while Paul & I hired body boards & wetsuits and had a go at body boarding, it was a lot of fun. I did do a spectacular wipeout where I leant forward too much and cartwheeled under the waves trying to figure out which way was up.

We all had a lovely time, the girls were exhausted and Emma cried as we left the campsite as she didn’t want to go home, she soon cheered up when we told her our next holiday would be 50 times as long!

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