Centre Parcs August 2010

We had our annual weekend to Centre Parcs at the beginning of August – the idea is we meet up with my old housemates from uni, catch up & relax. Our group is expanding with husbands & children now.
We headed north to the Lake District, the M6 was hideous, lots of roadworks which went on forever – well I say roadworks, but I really mean miles of cones closing 1 lane with not a workman in sight. As we got higher up we drove through the clouds, looking down into the valley below we could see underneath the clouds.

Finally we arrived and joined the longest queue – another hour in the car! Obviously I picked the wrong gate for checking in – when I say wrong, I mean slowest. This is one of my natural talents. I announced we were the Guests, “ha ha” the lady said, before checking her computer and saying “oh yes you ARE the Guests!”.

After being cooped up in the car for so long, we took our bag of swim stuff (packed seperately) & headed straight for the pool. The crashing waves were fierce but lots of fun. The kiddy pool was entertaining for the girls, I was a bit bored. I did see some good tattoo’s though.

We then headed to our villa and met up with the others. Now the villa’s at centre parcs’ are all pretty much the same - the lay out and the design was identical to that we had in Suffolk last year. Somehow this villa was incredibly dark – even during the day, even with all the lights on – it was disappointingly dark. Great facilities though and bonus – a 2nd fridge, great for the extra beer that would be needed to see us through.

We caught up with our friends, the girls played in the wood and we tried to spot red squirrels. We picked up our hire bikes, then headed to the village centre for a bite to eat (and a beer or 2).

Next day, we did some cycling, swimming, walking, sitting around (I am good at this!) – Emma made friends with a boy called Ralph Moot. We’re not sure if that was his real name but when he grows up he is apparantly going to kill people in the forest who cheat on their wives. They did have an incredibly creative game going on where Ralph was the pet hyena and Em would set him tasks. It was nice she could play freely & safely in the woods.

We had a barbeque in the rain on Saturday night and lots of laughter – I won’t go on about that, lots of in jokes you know the stuff!

Next morning I went to heaven – well I put the kids in the creche – Emma loves it, Holly not so much! and We all went to the spa. Where you can just completely bliss out. The different sauna rooms are fab and the general lying about reading a good book is perfect. I love the tyroleon spa followed by a rub down with crushed ice!

We swam some more, cycled some more – spotted some red squirrels (woo hoo, they are so cute!) and lots of birds. I hadi booked myself and Emma onto Family Cheerleading which was a lot of fun. But imagine my horror when the instructor asked if anyone could do cartwheels and Emma declaed “My Mum can!”. When we had practiced waving our pom poms we did the final routine and my moment came. The little ones would be held in the air by their grown ups, the instructor would give the nod, I would run from the corner, cartwheel & pick up my pom poms. It made Emma very happy!

Before we left on Monday we unpacked the villa into our car and hit the pool before our journey home (which was much better than the journey there).

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