Alton Towers Resort

We were meant to take the children to Alton Towers in February however snow closed the park! After a lot of phone calls we were told we could transfer the hotel bookings but would have to pay the relevant rate (as in we couldn’t get the cheap Feb price in June), so out of pocket an extra £30, the good news was that our park tickets were ok to use in June.

We took a picnic and the first ride of the day was the monorail! A winner with the girls, “Guess which one we’re going on?” it had parrots on the window. Then we headed to the Mini Beastie roller coaster, I had to go on twice, once with Holly, then with Emma (Paul just wasn’t going to fit!), neither of them were impressed so fortunately I only had to put up with it twice! Then we headed to Old Macdonalds farm for a tractor ride, animal carousel, boat ride, we also saw rabbits, donkeys & chickens. Next up was Berry Bish bash, I would imagine this would be lots of fun after a couple of glasses of wine – firing foam balls at one another and trying to dodge them too.  We ate the picnic in a park called the Dungheap. The kids played a bit there.  We took the Skyride (cable car) to a different area of the park, where we went on the carousel, Emma did the driving school thing (Holly was too small) and it started to rain. We also saw the cloud cuckoo land show, the girls loved that, but I am not sure if I could have watched it more than once! Seeking shelter from the rain the girls had a good bounce in wobble land (indoor bouncy castles).  I had to take Holly on the frog hopper ride twice, while I was silently trembling in fear, Holly was having a good giggle while we bounced in the air.  We went on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory ride which both of them enjoyed.

We were heading to the other side of the park when Emma decided she wanted to go on Hex, now it was raining, but the girls do scare easily.  We decided to go for it, the sign did say it was suitable for children.  The castle set up was done really well, with statues hidden behind sheets, it was quite convincing. Then a bit of a nonsense story about a cursed oak tree, before walking into the haunted swing thing – one of those things where the swing swings a bit, but the room rolls around. Emma is still convinced she did a full flip over! Emma loved it, Holly not so much and Paul & I were definitely not going to be repeating that!
A dash across to mutiny bay to shelter from the now torrential rain.  Before Paul & the girls went on the spinning barrels, Emma decided to go on again! Finally we visited the sealife centre, it was nice and quiet so we got a good view of all the exhibits.

After all that, it was time to head to the hotel.  We appeased the children who did not want to leave, with the promised trip on the monorail again (Daisy’s this time).  We got to the hotel, which had an explorer theme and was all nicely done out. The room was ok, following on from the explorer theme. We were advised to book dinner as soon as we got to the room, called both restaurants and there wasn’t anything available for 2 hours, so we ended up at the pizza/pasta diner in the bar of the neighbouring Cariba Creek hotel. The girls then watched the Caribean themed show before we headed back to our room.

Next morning, we had a good buffet breakfast before checking out. Then to the water park, where we had a good few hours of fun.  Emma is definitely growing in confidence in the water and braved a few water slides surprising us and even enjoying it!

Before we left we had some lunch at the bar back in the hotel.

Then it was time to head home.

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