1 month in – Travelling with children

We left the UK a month ago yesterday, in the past month we have;

  • spent about 28 hours flying
  • had Holly’s 3rd birthday dinner with Minnie Mouse
  • had 2 visits to the emergancy room
  • eaten a lot of jam sandwiches
  • swam in the sea
  • 1 of us got stung by a jellyfish tentacle
  • been eaten by bugs
  • had massages at the night markets in Cairns
  • visited the rainforest with a Kuku Yalanji tribesman
  • visited a deserted island and spotted sea turtled
  • snorkled in the Great Barrier Reef
  • rode a horse through the rainforest onto the beach
  • spent the night in the rainforest amongst the kangaroos
  • watched the nightly migration of the flying foxes
  • caught fish
  • spotted crocodiles in the estuary
  • seen so much wildlife – saltwater crocodiles, kangaroos, cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, sea eagles, battongs, cane toads, spiders, green ants, black ants, big ants, little ants, lizards, skinks and gecko’s.

We’re having a lovely time.  The girls seem to appreciate each other more than when we were at home – I think this could be because they’re dependant on each other for friendship, but they are fighting less and are playing together well. 

We tried to get some advice before we left on how long to stay in different places – we expected to stay in North Queensland and the Cairns area for a week before we headed south, we’ve been here over 2weeks and will probably stay for another week. It’s just so beautiful here. When you travel with children you can’t do something everyday, the kids need quiet days at the beach and time to relax.  Also, they’re not that keen of moving hotels every night, for now it seems better to stay a while.

Children are very adaptable and take in a surprising amount of information – storing it away and showing it you when you don’t expect it.

Before we left we thought we’d be away for 6-12months, 6months now seems an incredibly short amount of time.

I was worried about a few things before we left the UK – I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find suitable accomodation on our budget, that’s been very easy! I was worried about the insects biting me – well they have, but then they bite me in the UK and it’s no worse than that most of the time, also the DEET seems to be working.  I was worried the girls would miss home too much – they haven’t in the main, Holly’s had a bit of a wobble and wanted to go home but they are very happy here. I was worried about jetlag – we were over it within about 3 days, the kids quicker than us. I was worried about Emma in the water – her confidence has grown so much it’s amazed me, the same with Holly. I didn’t think I’d be able to get Em to do school work – she does!  I wasn’t worried about the cost of eating out nor the general living expenses in Austalia – I should have been! The pound is so weak against the Australian dollar, everything seems expensive!

So yeah, being away is easier than the week or so leading up to coming away.  I’ve got no regrets at all.

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